President and Chief Creative Officer of TBWA Greater China Nils Andersson with TBWA\Santiago Mangada Puno Managing Partners Jimmy Santiago, and Melvin Mangada.

MANILA President and Chief Creative Officer of TBWA Greater China Nils Andersson, recently visited TBWA\Santiago Mangada Puno to give the Manila office’s senior creatives a two-day workshop.

As multi-awarded creative, Andersson came to inspire the Manila team to hustle even harder after a successful year. “We start from scratch every single year in this industry. Your reputation only lasts so long. So year on year, you have to do it,” said Andersson as he addressed the TBWA\SMP office. “You can’t rest.”

Chief Creative Officers Nils Andersson and Melvin Mangada make a toast to a bright year ahead.

Speaking on TBWA’s global successes and the Manila office’s standing as the most awarded agency in the Philippines for two consecutive years, Andersson said, “It’s often easier to challenge someone else for a place than it is to hold your position. Holding sometimes means treading water, but you can’t do that. How do you continue to drive the industry, to lead the way.”

With the 2018 awards season just around the corner, TBWA\SMP isn’t just creating innovative work. In the first quarter of the year alone, TBWA\SMP has been appointed as the creative agency on record for five businesses—Udenna, PH Resorts Group, OPPO, Kamillosan, and Clark Global City.

Most recently, the Agency’s latest collaboration with longtime client Bench –an online video entitled, “Amoy Kita”– made headlines as it touched the hearts of Filipinos and the LGBTQ+ community, going viral with three million views in just twenty four hours.

Andersson ended his visit by pushing the agency’s creatives to a more stellar and exciting year: “Don’t be afraid to put your ideas down and expose them.”