NEW YORK – Manila-based agency TBWA\Santiago Mangada Puno nabs the Philippines’ only Webby Award this year for its online film “SMELLS LIKE A GIRL”, after coming out as the country’s only nominee from what is dubbed “The Internet’s Highest Honor”.

“Smells Like A Girl” is an online film for local brand Bench’s popular female scent “So In Love”, about a boy who leads two lives: one openly crushing on boys in school, and another one hiding in a closet at home from their household’s macho patriarch, despite having a strong female fragrance. His father later on reveals through a simple, heart-tugging note that he loves and accepts his sexuality all along.

The film was launched during Valentine’s of 2018, portraying a different and endearing kind of love and acceptance for the season between a father and his gay son. And in an unexpected turn of events, it gained millions of views in just a few hours of its posting.

TBWA\ SMP Webby follows previous accolades from the 2018 Tangrams (Bronze, Effectiveness), 2018 Boomerang Awards (Bronze, Digital Effectiveness), and most recently, the 2019 Kidlat Awards (Silver, Creative Purpose; Bronze, Creative Storytelling), including finalist recognitions for the upcoming 2019 New York Festivals’ AME and Advertising Awards.

This is the agency’s third Webby overall, having previously made history for claiming the Philippines’ first-ever Webby. Their second win was also for client Bench, with 2016’s, “Feels”.