BORACAY Last March 31, Manila-based agency TBWA\Santiago Mangada Puno went home with 30 metals at the 2017 Kidlat Awards. These wins gave TBWA\SMP a massive push to the top, beating second placer Dentsu JaymeSyfu by over 100 points in the Agency of the Year race. Campaign Against the Return of the Marcoses to Malacañang (CARMMA) “Correcting History” won the only presented Grand Prix award, and three gold metals, while CARMMA won Client of the Year. “Archimedes Trajano”, and “Truth and Torture”, two other campaigns done with CARMMA, also won a gold award and a silver award respectively. The multi-awarded “Dirty Watercolor” campaign bagged five silver and seven bronze metals after 13 shortlist nods. The client, ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation, won third place under the Client of the Year category. Other notable wins include three silver metals for illustrations done for SabawPH, four bronze metals for campaigns done with Nissan, and one bronze metal for TBWA\SMP’s “Instagram Recruit”.

Our internationally recognized campaign, “Correcting History” won three gold metals under the Digital Activations, Direct, and Film categories. To further the objective of raising awareness about the the atrocities that happened during Martial Law, we created two other campaigns in collaboration with CARMMA, “Archimedes Trajano”, and “Millennials Find Out the Truth”, which won a gold award and a silver award respectively under the Film category.

Our successful and multi-awarded “Dirty Watercolor” campaign to clean the polluted rivers and tributaries of Manila bagged one silver metal, and four bronze metals. It was also a finalist under the Creative Use of Media and Outdoor Campaign categories. Individual artworks under the campaign also received four silver craft awards, and three bronze craft awards.

The Nissan “Navara Earth Art” campaign, which won the recent Amazing Integrated Marketing Communication Awards, an annual internal Nissan prize, also claimed three bronze awards under the Creative Use of Media, Print, and Outdoor categories. It was also shortlisted under the Design category. In collaboration with experimental artist JC Vargas, the campaign was designed to showcase how the new Navara is equally equipped to handle city driving and off-road adventures. TBWA\SMP and Nissan’s success did not stop there. The “Juke Typo” campaign also won a bronze metal under the Outdoor category. It was created to increase local buzz and interest, but it went beyond its objectives and was talked about all over the world.

TBWA\SMP’s dominance in the Illustration, and Film categories continued with three silver metals for SabawPH’s “Duterte”, “Prince”, and “Trump” artworks, and a bronze win for its “How to Survive A Break Up” video for Smart Communications. The Disruption® agency also won bronze under the Best Typography category for its recruitment video.

TBWA\SMP was the most awarded agency that night, going home with one Grand Prix award, four gold metals, nine silver, 13 bronze, first and second place awards for Client of the Year, and the most coveted Agency of the Year award.

Organized by the 4As Philippines’ Creative Guild, Kidlat Awards is an annual creative competition that lauds the Philippines’ best and most creative advertising work.