MANILA. Yesterday, Facebook reinstated NGO Bahay Tuluyan’s video, “Disgusting Stories”, after taking it down earlier this week for (allegedly) violating community standards. The social media giant’s move was hailed as a declaration of support for the fight against child abuse.

Watch the video here.

Created for Global Sexual Abuse Awareness Month, the video was produced in partnership with TBWA\Santiago Mangada Puno and Sociologist Dr. Elspeth McInness of University of South Australia to reflect the silent trauma that sexually abused children have to endure.

During the four days that the video was unavaiable, international and local publications compared the video’s ban with the very point that Bahay Tuluyan had sought to address. Before Facebook’s landmark final decision, the call for reinstatement had already reached 141 million people from 16 countries.

Bahay Tuluyan’s mission to respond to abuse and exploitation of Filipino children continues. The organization encourages everyone to report suspected abuse to the proper authorities, and help put a stop to these crimes through donations or volunteering, which funds their programs and services aimed to prevent and respond to child abuse and and exploitation, and rescue the victims.

A Bahay Tuluyan hotline (+63 2 254 0213) is available for those who wish to report suspected and actual child abuse. For more information, visit their website at