On behalf of TBWA\SMP, Account Supervisor Miele Dungo was in Busan, Korea for the Ad Stars award night.

BUSAN On August 26, TBWA\Santiago Mangada Puno was the most awarded Philippine agency at South Korea’s AD STARS Advertising Festival, winning 20 awards—1 Grand Prix , 4 Crystals, 2 Golds, 7 silvers, and 6 Bronzes. Account Supervisor Miele Dungo accepted the awards on behalf of the Disruptive agency.

“Correcting History”, a multi-awarded campaign geared to educate millennials about the plight of the Martial Law victims won 7 of the 20 metals, including the Grand Prix for Diverse Insights. It also won a Crystal for Digital Promotion, a Gold metal for Branded Information Videos, a Silver for Film under the Corporate/Institution category, and 3 Bronzes for Direct Marketing, PSA Human Rights, and PSA Education.

In collaboration with Campaign Against the Return of the Marcoses to Malacañang (CARMMA), “Archimedes Trajano” also won a Gold for Film Craft under the Script category, and 2 silver metals for Film under the Product & Service category and for PSA under the Human Rights category. Through audio, the campaign brought a Martial Law victim back from the dead to tell his story and used it to petition the government to revise school textbooks to reflect the corruption and human rights abuses that happened during the Marcos regime.

The “Dirty Watercolor” campaign added 10 metals to its already impressive record. The campaign’s exhibit to raise money to revive Manila’s polluted rivers and estuaries won a silver award for Outdoor and a Crystal award in PSA, while individual artworks “Big Fish”, “Sabina”, and “Sabina Poster Design” won a total of 3 Silvers for Outdoor under the Billboard & Posters category. “Big Fish” and “Sabina” also won 2 Bronzes for Print Craft and 2 Crystals. “Sabina” also won a Bronze metal for PSA Green.

AD STARS is an international advertising festival held in the Republic of Korea that awards the best works in the industry.