@hothipon - The First Shrimp-fluencer

From spicy snack to hunky Tiktok snacc!

Spicy Oishi Prawn Crackers – an out of sight, out of mind impulse snack for Pinoy Gen Z. TV has always been

its go-to platform. But we found out: TV’s out, TikTok’s in. Instead of giving the brand a TVC, we gave them something hotter.

Introducing @hothipon – the country’s first TikTok shrimp-fluencer.

The inspiration: Hipon (shrimp, ebi, ਝੀਂਗਾ, 虾, креветка), Filipino slang for someone with a hot body and an ugly face.

Always thirst-trapping, grinding, and trendjacking, he’s as hot as any TikTok star with a spicy twist – he’s got a prawn’s head. He even has his own dance challenge and IG filter!

In just 3 days, his following grew to 75,000! His dance challenge generated 4,431 unique user-generated content.

@hothipon got everyone cravin’ the heat!